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Current Trends in Aesthetic Technologies

Posted by Eclipse Med on Dec 5, 2018 4:00:00 PM

As we wind down 2018, I am excited about what the New Year holds in store, not just for our customers and our company, but also for the industry as a whole. I know there are some major trends that continue to lead us forward and deliver some of the best aesthetic products to providers.


What I’ve seen over the past year makes me think that there are three major segments that will dominate our industry in the year to come:

Micro technologies

Unlike the iPhone that continues to get bigger, when it comes to medical technologies and devices, smaller is better. The advancements in nanotechnology continue to allow physicians to do more with less. We’ve seen this first hand with our own MicroPen, allowing doctors and clinicians to treat patients with more agility and precision thanks to smaller devices. I believe we continue to see smaller devices that pack more power, offer more options, and bring laser, LED, and RF capabilities right into the palm of your hand.

Skincare treatments

Skin care often serves as an entry into more complex treatment options for patients, but it’s an area where all consumers are looking. As such, patients are paying more attention to the elements and ingredients in skin care solutions, often choosing physician formulas instead of over-the-counter labels. For physicians, this is a great area to expand the revenue growth potential of your practice – especially when you can combine topical products with in-office procedures. In the past year, I saw many new serums, creams, and topical solutions from some of the top names in our industry, and I expect this is just the beginning.

Expanded use

Finding new uses for something old is the definition of upcycling. And physicians have always been at the forefront of testing treatments and medications for ailments beyond their intended uses. While this isn’t a new trend in medicine, I’m seeing a lot of expanded use of existing technology being used in the dermatology field. From vaginal rejuvenation to correcting acne scars, innovative dermatologists continue to discover new treatment options for patients by expanding the use of existing methodologies. As demand for these less invasive, cost-effective options continue to grow, more providers are likely to join the bandwagon.

We at Eclipse, are always keeping an eye on the “next big thing” and will be launching some revolutionary new technologies in 2019. It’s one of many aspects that make my position so exciting – getting out into the field, connecting with physicians, getting feedback from their patients on successes, and supporting the growth of our industry. While launching new products and showcasing features is exciting, what truly makes it worthwhile is hearing the exceptional impact all this advancement is making in the lives of patients.

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