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Introducing FolliCeuticals MD®

Posted by Eclipse Med on May 8, 2019 3:58:04 PM

Hair health is not a new concept, but it is a growing business with new names and concepts joining the field to try to address this important and sensitive topic. Many more recent companies are choosing a direct-to-consumer path, but their active ingredients offer the same treatment that has been in use for the past 20 years.

Folli-MD-System-No-Reflection-1Other companies simply rely on one method, whether it’s a shampoo, daily supplement, or special comb. But physicians and experts agree that thinning hair is a complex issue, with multiple components contributing to the root cause.

Understanding the complexities and the different components at work in men and women suffering from thinning hair has led Eclipse to introduce its own hair health system. New FolliCeuticals MD® combines a specially-blended dietary supplement for men or women with a topical foam, creating a complete system that addresses hair health from the inside and outside. By combining these two together, we can help to create the perfect environment to support fuller, stronger, healthier-looking hair.

Unlike other hair supplements on the market, FolliCeuticals MD® offers a full daily vitamin complex plus natural botanical ingredients clinically shown to support hair health. In addition, we’ve added a daily probiotic to help create the first-of-its-kind dietary supplement. Our specially-formulated blend includes unique ingredients for men and women to address the specific issues that lead to poor hair health. These blends include Saw Palmetto Berry and Ashwagandha Root Extract, in addition to other natural ingredients to improve hair health.

Folli-MD-Foam-1The other component of our system is a topical foam, which includes an innovative key ingredient that contains fruit extract, ginseng, biotin and zinc to help promote the appearance of fuller, healthier-looking hair.

*Based on independent clinical reports conducted on Cynatine HNS, a key ingredient in FolliCeuticals MD® Daily Vitamin and Probiotic Supplement, results showed:

  • 34% reduction in hair loss
  • 5% increase in hair strength
  • 91% patient satisfaction in overall hair health within 90 days
FolliCeuticals MD® is available exclusively through physician’s offices and provides another tool for providers to use in addressing hair health. FolliCeuticals MD® was formulated as a combination system that works to enhance the results of your medical treatment plan. Patients that commit to combination therapy get better results.

Explore additional treatments that can help you develop a comprehensive hair health strategy for patients with your free download of Combing Through the Options: A Guide to Patient Hair Health.


* Christina Beer, Simon Wood, and Robert H. Veghte, “A Clinical Trial to Investigate the Effect of Cynatine HNS on Hair and Nail Parameters,” The Scientific World Journal, vol. 2014, Article ID 641723, 6 pages, 2014.

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