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It’s A Family Affair

Posted by Eclipse Med on Dec 12, 2018 3:00:00 PM

During this time of year, families gather together to celebrate the holidays and spend some time with those closest to them. While these times can be filled with stress and anxiety, I always find that when the day comes, all that gets pushed aside, and we’re able to enjoy one another’s company. I hope you and your family will be able to take some time this holiday season to appreciate one another and share in joyous moments together.

Family Affair

When it comes to spending time with family, I am especially lucky as I have worked with my family members for many years. My two brothers Paul and Kevin helped me create Eclipse nearly 25 years ago, and while Kevin has moved on to his own business, Paul remains an integral part of Eclipse’s success serving as our Chief Financial Officer. I am also blessed to work alongside my sons, Michael and Shane, who help lead our sales team. They have both been part of the Eclipse family for over a decade and have helped to expand the reach of Eclipse products to more providers and advance our position in the market.

Of course, when you have a family as big as mine, it’s hard not to receive feedback from everyone about products, design, tactics, and what works or doesn’t. My other children are often a great sounding board for ideas and advice. But there are many other members who aren’t technically relatives but are as close to me as family and play a crucial role in making Eclipse successful.

Whether you’re spending this holiday season with your close family, extended relatives, or with your chosen family, all of us here at Eclipse wish you the very best. We thank you for allowing us to be part of your success and look forward to a bright and prosperous 2019. We have big things in store for the coming year, so stay tuned!

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