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Importance of Good Design

Posted by Eclipse Med on Feb 15, 2019 11:15:00 AM

Good design is essential to function for just about every product that is part of our daily lives. No one proved the value of good design better than visionary Steve Jobs, who meticulously scrutinized every aspect of Apple during his time as CEO. designHis attention to design touched every part of Apple, from the products themselves to packaging to store design. It helped to set the standard for all consumer products going forward.

Design plays an important, yet unspoken role in how a product works. If it’s clumsy or unappealing,  sales will suffer and ultimately the product will fail. As an autophile, I have a great appreciation for the details designers agonize over when designing a car and all of its intricate parts. How a car handle fits in your palm provides an instant impression into the quality and performance of the vehicle. The sound an engine makes when the car first starts, the turn of a knob, the placement of a handle – all of these communicate unspoken messages to the driver about the car. While these are not the only indicator of a great product, I believe those that get the small details often find success overall.

At Eclipse, we apply that same attention to design when developing new products and working through how they will be used, and what that first experience will be. There are many devices on the market that may produce results, but if its cumbersome, awkward, difficult to use or feels poorly built, it’s unlikely that it will have a positive reception from providers and likely won’t last.  Good design is about highlighting the quality aspects of your products, from the very beginning and every time you use them.

Good design is also understanding what areas can be improved upon. It’s rumored that once the latest iPhone was launched, Jobs would immediately begin to dream about what else could be improved or added to the next model. This same methodology is applied to vehicles, with such marquee names as the Mustang or Corvette continuing to evolve over time, while always staying true to its performance roots.

We have a similar approach.  We are always keeping an eye out for new technologies or emerging innovations that can be incorporated into our offerings to help except patient expectations and make physicians profitable.  And while we’re proud of the products we offer, we’re always looking to see how we can improve upon or make it better for both the physician using our products and the patient receiving treatment.

Attention to design may not seem like a major factor, but the simple touch of a home button or the grasp of a handle can do so much to move a brand forward. In our case, we believe great design is a symbol of the quality we deliver, and the outcomes patients can expect to receive.

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