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Dispatches from Life on the Road

Posted by Eclipse Med on Feb 9, 2019 2:00:00 PM

We are well into the new year, and like many people, my travel schedule increases. This also means I get more opportunities to meet and connect with sales people in the field, interact with physicians and practice owners, and get a first-hand view into what is new in our industry.


Like most things these days, the integration of technology is central to advancing patient care and continues to drive innovation in medical devices and creating real results.

Whether its technology that is incorporated into devices that are used in treatments or technology that allows us to discover new uses of existing components, its role in today’s medical is central to advancing uses.

Getting out on the road also allows me to capture input from our valued physician partners to understand their needs and what their patients are seeking to help them live their best life. This type of feedback is invaluable toward continually progressing our organization and ensuring the best possible products available to the market. It’s this type of feedback and connection that helps us develop some of the most advanced products that we will be launching in the coming week and months.

While every new year brings excitement, I believe 2019 will be an exceptional year for our industry in innovation and forward-looking uses to deliver exceptional patient results. I’m continually impressed with sophistication in treatments and procedures led by physicians, and these new methods continue to yield positive clinical and real-world results.

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