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Meet VOTESSE™, the New Dual Hair Health System

Posted by Eclipse Med on Oct 23, 2019 10:21:52 AM

Votesse_ProductShotMen and women have struggled with their hair health for generations upon generations. And the aesthetics industry frequently releases new innovations to address this sensitive topic: topical solutions, pills, medical devices, and so on, usually only targeting one potential cause at a time.

Physicians and patients can get frustrated by the complex issue—and feel like they’re shooting in the dark using a range of different products not necessarily designed to work together.

Now, there’s a better way.

Eclipse’s new and improved two-part hair health system, VOTESSE™, gives physicians both the power of a specially blended nutraceutical supplement for men and women and a topical foam. Patients can nourish their hair health from the inside-out and the outside-in.

The VOTESSE™ nutraceutical formula is blended with the right combination of nutrients and probiotics to address the factors that influence hair health in men and women differently. In addition to genetics, oxidative stress and environmental factors all contribute to poor hair health. VOTESSE™ is designed to help women and men address their specific needs.

The other component of the system, a fast-absorbing topical foam, promotes fuller, healthier-looking hair with minerals and extracts that nourish the hair from the outside-in.

VOTESSE™ is only available through physicians’ offices. It’s formulated as a combination system that works with your physician directed medical treatment plan. Patients that commit to combination therapy get results.

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