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Top 5 Ways Eclipse Products Help You Weather the Storm

During the 2008 financial crisis, Eclipse founder and CEO, Tom O’Brien made a philosophical pivot toward a new mission for the products we delivered to...

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Accuracy Matters

For most things in life, and especially in medical care, accuracy matters. Accuracy is defined as a degree of correctness in a quantity or expression....

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The Top Things I Learned from Trade Shows

Trade Show Season is now in full swing, and it’s a great opportunity to see what new innovations are coming to market.  81% of trade show attendees...

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5 Tips for Creating a Safe, Patient-Focused Practice

Patient-focused care means providing the right treatment and doing what is best for patient’s health. It’s the driving force behind everything we do at...

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Importance of Good Design

Good design is essential to function for just about every product that is part of our daily lives. No one proved the value of good design better than...

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